Long time no see.

The reason of my pause from the blog – and unfortunately, from my languages – was that I have had very little time during august and july, for I had been up to an internship I have to do for uni. It was very stimulating and taught me a lot: I worked in a private school which offers Italian courses to foreign students, and I have learned the basics of how to teach Italian and how to deal with Italian-learners, as well as tutoring and dealing with large groups of people. I think it might as well be an interesting topic for a blog post, but I shall think about it for a while and gather some ideas, and maybe post it in the future.

For now, I have other things to think about. The main one is my bachelor’s thesis, which shall talk about (roughly) women in Icelandic family sagas. I have already begun structuring it and reading stuff, but I’m really just at the beginning, so I think that – in the best of hypotheses – it will take me at least two months to complete, since I am quite slow at writing and studying in general. It’s a very interesting topic, but I usually struggle with history so even if I like Germanic philology I have to focus a lot in order to get things right.

I am also thinking about taking up my languages and begin practicing again, as I’m not happy at all with the current situation. Turns out I passed my Norwegian Summer School exam with two A’s, which is astounding, but this put even more pressure on me for not forgetting the language. After coming back from Norway and slowly getting over the “trauma” of a non-successful course I did last year, my German is beginning to slowly pop up again. A great news is that I have finally found a tandem partner! I think I could’ve found someone earlier, but I admit I was afraid of getting one considered my low level in German – I am a bit ashamed of it — I met her at the Italian school when I was working there, we began having conversation in Italian in my last days there, so I suggested that we kept in touch and begin a real exchange, since she’s staying in my hometown for some months. I hope I can take advantage of this as much as I can! In the meantime, though, I have to begin again learning words and revising rules, because I feel that all I learned is still somewhere, but all messed up… I think it will be VERY interesting to study German after learning so much Norwegian, I bet I’ll understand more things (even if I’ll surely mess up words and constructions). Old English has helped me as well, even if I pretty much sucked during the course: I learned the weak/strong adjectives rule, which is FUNDAMENTAL in German for getting a good noun declension. I wonder why no teacher explained it to me that way, it’s way easier than trying to learn the whole declension by heart, isn’t it?! A good thing is that it can be found also in Norwegian.

As well as studying, I have to sort some things out. I guess I have to elaborate an EFFICIENT plan and try it out for the whole month of October. Much like a study plan, a schedule with some tasks I have to accomplish everyday. It’s strange, but the more I have to do, the more I do, so I am quite optimistic about getting something out of it.

This is all for now – I’ll better go and elaborate my study plan!


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